Udaipur Tailor Beheaded Over Supporting Nupur Sharma In Prophet Row, NIA To Probe In Case

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Udaipur Tailor Beheaded Over Supporting Nupur Sharma In Prophet Row, NIA To Probe In Case

Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal was murdered yesterday afternoon when two men entered his shop and stabbed him numerous times. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) will probe for further details related to conspiracy after two have already been held.

In a recent blow to the law and order situation of Udaipur city, a tailor man Kanhaiya Lal was stabbed numerous times till he died by his killers over his post on social media supporting Nupur Sharma in prophet row. His killing has escalated communal tension in the city. As a result, the Rajasthan government-imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 of CrPC across the city and state. After the killing, the miscreants also recorded a video and claimed responsibility for the murder.

As seen on camera, Gos Mohammad and Riyaz have been booked by the Rajasthan police, and appropriate charges have also been sanctioned. The internet facility has also been suspended in many areas so that no inappropriate content is disseminated. Both the murderers gloated on camera about the unfortunate incident and threatened Prime Narendra Modi.

Following the incident, the police administration requested the people not to spread the video because of its highly inflammatory content. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, while mourning the tragic murder of a tailor man, said, "I condemn the murder of the tailor in Udaipur. Most appropriate and strict action will be taken against all the criminals involved in the killing, and the police will reveal all the details of the conspiracy to punish them. I appeal to all to maintain peace in the state. Strictest punishment will be given to violators of law involved in such heinous crime."

NIA To Probe Case

The Union Home Ministry has sent a team of National Investigation Agency (NIA) officers to probe the case. Whereas the local police are present at the spot to ensure no further communal riots or mishappening prevails. A senior central government official said, "This murder of the tailor man in Udaipur has been committed for ideological reasons, in the name of religion. The NIA will explore if there is any angle of terrorism and provide whatever assistance required to the state police," The Indian Express reported.

Politics Prevails

The incident also captivated backlash from state and national political parties and prominent personalities. The state opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) hit out at the Congress government and said that this incident was the result of the "appeasement policy of the CM and the Congress."

Indian National Congress senior leader, Rahul Gandhi, said, "I am deeply shocked by the heinous murder of a tailor man in Udaipur. Brutalism in the name of religion will not be tolerated. Those who spread terror due to this cruelty should be punished immediately. We all have to defeat hate together. I appeal to all, please maintain peace and brotherhood."

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi tweeted, "I condemn the gruesome murder in Udaipur Rajasthan. There can be no justification for it. Our party's consistent stand is to oppose such violence. Nobody can take law into their own hands. We demand that the state govt take the strictest possible action. Rule of law must be upheld."

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