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Greener Tomorrow For Generations To Come! New Parents In Sikkim To Plant 100 Trees For Every Child Born

The Sikkimese have had a close connection with the nature since time immemorial. Passing on this bond to the newer generations, the state government brought in an initiative that requires new parents to plant a hundred trees for every child born.

With the country constantly growing and advancing, every next generation's connect with nature has been blurring. Children understand the world from the new age technologies surrounding them over the little environment left behind.

In an attempt to revive the times when children had enough greenery around them to play and learn from, Sikkim has launched an initiative named "Mero Rukh Mero Santati." Under the initiative, a hundred trees will be planted for every child born in the state.

Connecting With Environment

Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang launched the "Mero Rukh Mero Santati" (Plant a Tree, Leave a Legacy) initiative under which 100 trees would be planted for every child born in the state. The project is aimed at strengthening the connection between parents, children, and nature, the initiative provides an opportunity to celebrate childbirth by giving life to a greener Shimla. Speaking about the initiative, Mr Tamang noted that "Watching the trees grow as the baby grows will be a symbolic way of welcoming a newborn and commemorating their arrival on this earth." He also added that the project marks as the first of its kind green initiative in the country.

The programme, launched on February 2, had the minister distributing token seedlings to some new parents. Forest Department Secretary Pradeep Kumar was positive that such green initiatives would transform people's attitudes towards nature. The saplings planted to commemorate childbirth would create a bridge between the generations and their lost connection with the environment. The Sikkimese society has had an intimate association with nature since time immemorial, and the move aims to treasure this relationship for ages to come.

Greener Tomorrow For Generations

A report by NDTV quoted Pradeep Kumar saying, "This initiative aims to reinforce this age-old bond of our society with nature. It aspires to co-create an ecosystem where both the tree and the child are able to reach towards the sun, a brighter tomorrow that promises vitality, health, and happiness." They tend to respect bonds just as much as they revere their state's entire landscape. For this reason, the project is expected to find success through its collaborative efforts.

Chief Secretary VB Pathak said that various state government departments would have to come together to facilitate a seamless service to the new parents. They would have to be assisted right from enrolment to planting and aftercare. Pathak noted that ASHA and Anganwadi workers, along with the panchayats, civic bodies, and forest staff, will have to come together to facilitate the onboarding of the parents. Sikkim has a population of around 6.32 lakh, which continues to grow. The government has enabled specific digital platforms such as WhatsApp, email, and web portals to bring in new parents to the project and keep them connected.

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