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Did PM Modi Wear A Woman's Dress During Meghalaya Visit? No, the Viral Image Is Morphed

We found that the viral image shows PM Modi in a traditional Khasi outfit and a traditional Garo hat. The image alongside PM Modi’s picture is a morphed visual from the US retailing website Shoreline USA.

An image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing tribal attire during his recent visit to Meghalaya is going viral on social media. The image showing Modi wearing the tribal attire is viral with the claim that it shows PM Modi adorning a woman's dress.


The image shows PM Modi wearing an embroidered attire and a headgear adorned with a feather. Another image is provided with the viral image, which shows a dress titled, 'Multi Floral Embroidered Dress'. The text on the viral image reads, 'Like It? Buy It Here'. The viral image was circulated by All India Trinamool Congress MP Kirti Azad, "It is neither male nor female; he is only a priest of fashion."

Image Credit: Twitter

User @RavinderKapur2 circulated the viral image stating, "Without any comments on his trademark fashion statement. Narendra Modi is no less than a cartoon character."

It is being widely shared on Facebook and Twitter with a similar claim.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian fact check team verified the viral claim and found it to be false. The viral image is edited.

We conducted a keyword search and came across an article by The Print published on December 18, 2022, with the title, 'From traditional Khasi outfit to Garo hat: PM Modi's special wardrobe pick for Meghalaya'.

The report noted, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi wore a traditional Khasi outfit along with a traditional Garo hat in Shillong – in a bid to convey his respect for the culture of both the key tribes of Meghalaya."

Image Credit: The Print

We then conducted a reverse image search for the cloth seen in the viral image. We came across the cloth item listed as 'Multi Floral Embroidered Dress' on Shoreline Wear USA. The item is retailing for $35 on the online retailer, which is based out of Bay Shore, New York, USA.

Shoreline Wear notes that they have been manufacturing their products from competitive Asian markets and supplies to North-South America, Caribbean Islands and Mexico.

Image Credit: Shoorelinewear USA

Comparing the images, several inconsistencies can be seen in the image on the retailer's website and that in the viral image. We noticed several creases on the outfit worn by PM Modi. The same creases in the same spots of the item on the retail website could be seen as well. There were blurred places in the outfit seen in the viral image, all indicating that the image was morphed.

Comparing the viral image with the retail outfit, we noticed that the neckline of the original product was visible in the morphed viral image.

Image Comparision

We came across an image posted by Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma who stated that Azad's tweet on Modi's outfit was "insulting to people of Meghalaya and Khasi tribe." The image posted by Sangma published on December 22, 2022, shows him in an outfit similar to the one worn by PM Modi.

Comparing this image to the other images of PM Modi in the outfit worn in his visit to Meghalaya shows that there are several similarities.

Image Comparission


We found that the viral image shows PM Modi in a traditional Khasi outfit and a traditional Garo hat. The image alongside PM Modi's picture is a morphed visual from the US retailing website Shoreline USA. The Meghalaya CM wore the same outfit as PM Modi showing that the outfit is indeed a local tribal attire. Thus, we can conclude that the viral image is false.

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