Old Video Of Man Attacking His Girlfriend In Colombia Revived Linking To Love Jihad Angle

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Old Video Of Man Attacking His Girlfriend In Colombia Revived Linking To Love Jihad Angle

While sharing this video, people on social media claimed that the viral video is from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, where a Muslim man killed his Hindu girlfriend. The Logical Indian fact check team verified the viral claim.

[Warning: Visuals may be distressing. Reader discretion is advised.]

A video of a man being apprehended by security forces interspersed with disturbing footage of a severely bleeding woman lying prostrate is going viral across social media. Giving this video a love jihad angle, people on social media claimed that the viral video is from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, where a Muslim man killed his Hindu girlfriend.


In the video, with a duration of 44 seconds, disturbing visuals of a woman lying prostrate in a pool of what appears to be her blood can be seen. The video then transitions to showing a man being apprehended by the authorities. A floating text appears on the video, which is a screenshot of an article published in Jagran with the title, "Jabalpur Murder Case: Lover slits girlfriend's throat after being cheated in love, murder case in Mekhla resort."

A Twitter user shared this video and wrote, "In Jabalpur, a Muslim lover first made a Hindu girl a victim of his lust. Then police and hotel staff came and messed up the whole thing. The girl had explained many times earlier, but she was saying that my Abdul is not like this. However, this Abdul also turned out to be a murderer."

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[Trigger Warning: The Logical Indian has not embedded the video due to its graphic nature. Click here to see the tweet.]

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It is being widely shared on Facebook with a similar claim.

Fact Check:

During the initial investigation, we observed the video carefully and found that the audio does not match the viral video. It appears that the audio used in this footage was intentionally inserted to give the appearance as if the incident took place in India. We also found the word "Policia" written on the vest of the police official which indicates the viral incident took place in some other country.

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We then used InVid Keyrame Analysis to isolate the keyframes from the viral video and conducted a reverse image search on the isolated keyframe. We came across a report by Impacto News, published on November 17, 2022.

The report is titled, 'A man who attacked his ex-partner with a knife in House of Justice in La Paz Neighbourhood is imprisoned.' The caption of the report contains an image of the suspect, which matches the person seen in the viral video.

The Impact News report states that the accused brutally attacked his former partner in the midst of a conciliation hearing on November 15, 2022. The incident took place in Barranquilla, a city in Colombia, with the report stating that the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police apprehended the accused after the crime took place. The report also contained the same visual as seen in the viral video where the suspect was apprehended by the authorities.

Image Credit: Impacto News

We also came across a report by El Heraldo published on November 16, 2022, titled, 'Man accepted to have attacked ex-partner in police station and judge sends him to prison'. This report also mentions that the accused, a man named Jesús Salvador Tovar was arrested for stabbing his ex-partner Sandra Milena Altamar Ojeda with a sharp object. The incident occurred while a hearing was underway in the La Paz District Court in the Colombian city of Barranquilla.

Image Credit: El Heraldo

After a meeting with a family commissioner, Tovar García waited till the end of the meeting for the official in charge to leave the office when he attacked his ex-partner. As the victim screamed, the personnel on the scene intervened and, with the help of police officers, the man was captured.

We also came across another report by Colombia News documenting the same incident with the same image of the accused in the thumbnail. The accused and the victim and the details of the incident are similarly provided in the report.

We also came across a tweet by Twitter user @MiTVCanal20, which contained visuals from the incident. The tweet is captioned, "in the 'La Paz' neighbourhood of Barranquilla, a man stabbed his sentimental partner in the middle of a 'Conciliation Hearing'. According to witnesses, Jesús Salvador Tocar García and Milena Patricia Altamar Ojeda had arrived at the place to reconcile."

Another tweet by user @ctvbarranquilla, also shared the visuals from the incident as seen in the viral video. The tweet is captioned, "Man stabbed his partner in the middle of a hearing at the House of Justice in the La Paz neighbourhood of Barranquilla. The subject took advantage of the fact that the official left the office and locked the door to attack his partner. The woman was taken seriously injured to a hospital."


We found that the viral video is from Barranquilla, Colombia where an estranged couple was at a hearing at the House of Justice in the La Paz neighborhood of the city. The Colombian man stabbed his ex-partner over her decision to sever ties with him. It has nothing to do with Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Hence, the viral claim is false.

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