Fact Check: Videos Showing Manhandling Of Woman Shared, Claiming High Traffic Challan Fine Making Goons Out Of Police Force
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Fact Check: Videos Showing Manhandling Of Woman Shared, Claiming High Traffic Challan Fine Making 'Goons Out Of Police Force'

The Logical Indian Fact check investigates the claim that police personnel misbehaved with civilians over high traffic challan fine.

A video showing a scuffle between a man and woman is being circulated with the claim that the government has turn policemen into goons by making challans expensive.

"The government has made the policemen goons by making challans expensive. In front of an innocent child who kills his father, this message should be sent to other groups so that the administration will wake up (Translated to English)," reads the message.

The Logical Indian received a request to verify the claim.

The same message was viral with another video last year. The Logical Indian will debunk both the videos since the same message is being circulated for both.

Video One:

In the video, some police personnel could be seen being involved in an altercation with a person, who is refusing to get inside a police vehicle.

When the woman intervenes, she is pushed away by the police personnel. In the later part of the video, woman can be seen arguing about the absence of women personnel and alleged misbehaviour with her.s

Video Two:

In the second video, a terrified child can be seen watching her uncle, get beaten up by the two cops. In the video, two police personnel can be seen beating up the man, dragging him by his hair and verbally abusing him. One of the cops is also seen sitting on the man in an attempt to torture him.

In the later part of the video, the police can be seen threatening to keep him till he surrenders his bike keys. The man refused to give the keys and asks, "What is my fault?".

The video has been shared extensively on Twitter.


Video One: Police personnel manhandled a woman over traffic challan fine.

Video Two: Police mistreats a boy over traffic challan fine.

Fact Check:

Video One:

The claim is false since news reports on the incident does not mention anything related to 'high traffic challan'.

A Google Reverse Image search was done by breaking the video into individual frames using InVid. This led to news reports on the incident.

According to an NDTV report published on October 19, 2019, a video had gone viral in which some cops were seen misbehaving with a woman, following a verbal altercation over some issue. A probe was ordered in connection with the incident.

"This video was getting viral since yesterday (October 18, 2019). It has been found to be from the Turab Nagar area of Ghaziabad. Circle Officer First has been directed to investigate the case," Manish Kumar Mishra, Superintendent of Police, Ghaziabad city was quoted as saying.

In the video, the police van clearly shows that it belongs to the Ghaziabad police force.

Further, the Ghaziabad police, on October 18, 2019, had issued a press note from their official Twitter account expressing regret for the insensitive treatment of the woman. The Sub Inspector NPS appointed on the Police Station Ghaziabad Ranbir Singh was moved to the line with immediate effect.

Viral claims stated that the woman in the video was the man's daughter, however, reports on the incident said that she was his wife.

Video Two:

A reverse image search was done on Yandex by breaking the video into individual frames using InVid. This indicated that the video is from 2019.

According to a report by NDTV, published on September 14, 2019, two policemen were first suspended after they were seen in a video thrashing a young man in Uttar Pradesh's Siddharth Nagar, near the border with Nepal. Later they were charged for trying to kill the man.

The man's family said the beating started over an argument as a result of a traffic violation. However, the police, said that the man was drunk and was involved in a communal dispute in the area, although, he was not tested for drinking and driving.

A departmental probe has also been ordered against the two policemen after the video was shared widely online.

Reportedly, Rinku Pandey, who was riding a motorcycle, had entered into an argument with the police personnel on the afternoon of September 10, when they stopped him to check his papers. The footage shows sub-inspector Virendra Mishra and head constable Mahendra Prasad beating him up and verbally abusing him. One of the policemen even sits on the man who is pinned to the ground. The man was also pulled by his hair. The child also seems to have injured her hand.

"If it is my fault, you can lock me up in jail," the man can be heard telling the policemen in Hindi. The child can be seen walking up to him and giving him something.

Towards the end of the video, the man refuses to give the key of his motorcycle as the policemen try to snatch it from him. "Tell me, what is my fault?" he asks them.

"It is being said that he was drunk. The two policemen beat him up badly, pushed him to the ground and behaved badly with him. Both of them were in uniform. It is disgraceful to the police department," senior police officer Dr Dharm Veer Singh was quoted as saying.

Other reports on the incident can be read here, here and here.

Therefore, in the case of the second video, the claim is partially true, since the altercation between the Police and the man occurred due to an alleged traffic violation, however, the report doesn't mention anything about high challan.

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