Did Assam Police Thrash Muslims For Demanding Seperate Nation? Old Video Viral With False Claim

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Did Assam Police Thrash Muslims For Demanding Seperate Nation? Old Video Viral With False Claim

The viral video is almost two-year-old when police thrashed villagers in Barielly, Uttar Pradesh after locals attacked some policemen.

A video of police thrashing protestors in doing rounds on social media. In this 2:12 seconds long video, police can be seen chasing and beating civilians severely with sticks can be seen. Police making some announcement can also be heard in the video. This is being viral on social media with different claims. It is being claimed that police thrashed Muslims in Assam who took out a procession demanding a separate country. In another claimed people called this footage from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh where UP Police thrashed Muslims for raising slogans after Namaz.

A Facebook user shared this video and wrote a caption which reads, "कल बाबाजी सहारनपुर को शिमला बना दिये थे।सारी गर्मी निकल गयी थी। अलविदा की नमाज के बाद कुछ लोगों को ज्यादा गर्मी लग गई, लग गए नारे लगाने। फिर बाबा ने सहारनपुर को शिमला कैसे बनाया देख लीजिए."

[English Translation: Yesterday Babaji made Saharanpur into Shimla. All the heat was gone. After the Alvida prayers, some people started raising slogans. Then see how Baba made Saharanpur Shimla.]

A Twitter user wrote, "पा गए आजादी? आसाम में मुसलमानों ने अलग देश बनाने के लिए जुलूस निकाला, फिर उनका हाल देखिए आसाम के मुख्यमंत्री योगी से भी दो कदम आगे हे."

[English Translation: Hove you got the freedom? Muslims took out a procession in Assam to create a separate country, then see their condition. Chief Minister of Assam is two steps ahead of Yogi.]

It is being widely shared on Facebook and Twitter with a similar claim.

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Claim1 : Police thrashed Muslims in Assam who took out a procession demanding a separate country

Claim2: UP Police thrashed Muslims fo raising slogans after Namaz in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Fact Check:

The Logical Indian fact check team verified the claim and found it to be false. The viral video is 2 year old.

It is to be noted that the video is being viral with two different claims which itself stands contradictory. In claims over social media, the viral video is linked with two different states by the user which technically can't be true.

We observed the video carefully and found the police in the video were speaking Hindi and not Assamese. Aslo in the police barricade, the text Kanya PG College was written in Hindi.

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We extracted different keyframes from the viral video using the InVid tool and conducted a Google reverse image search. It led us to a video report of NDTV dated 06 April 2020 in which the similar footage can be seen. According to the report, the viral video is related to Covid lockdown. The viral incident is of Barielly Uttar Pradesh where the police team who went to Karampur Chaudhary village to enforce lockdown orders were attacked by miscreants. Some policemen were injured in the attack. After which the additional forced were called in.

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We also found the same footage in a video report of News18 dated 06 April 2022. According to the report, two police personnel had gone to a village in Bareilly to enforce lockdown orders but some people of the village attacked them. Stones were also pelted on the police, in which IPS Abhishek Verma and other policemen were injured. In retaliation, the police lathi-charged on the villagers. The footage of the viral video can be seen from 1:47 of timestamp.

According to a report of Dainik Jagran, in this incident, 43 people were detained and FIR against 150 unknown people were registered at that time.

Our investigation shows that the viral video is neither related to Assam or Saharanpur nor it is recent. The viral video is almost two year old when police thrashed poeple in Barielly, Uttar Pradesh after locals attacked policemen when they came to their village to enforce the lockdown orders. It is being falsely shared with fake communal narrative. Hence, the viral claim is false.

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