Women In Command! Indian Army To Promote 108 Female Officers To Colonel Rank

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Women In Command! Indian Army To Promote 108 Female Officers To Colonel Rank

For the first time in the Indian Army, about 108 women officers are to be promoted to the rank of colonel for command roles. Through this, the Army grants Permanent Commission (PC) to women officers and gives them equal grounding with their male counterparts.

For the first time in the history of the glorious Army Services of the country, women officers will be inducted to command roles. The Indian Army, in a landmark reform, has decided to promote women officers from the rank of Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel and bring them at par with their male counterparts. Their intake will be carried out from January 9 to 22, 2023.

Women To Shoulder Colonel Ranks

The Indian Army is among the first in the three services to open the high ranks to women and had made both the organisation and the country proud by enabling an equal grounding for their officers. According to the statement by the Indian Army, about 244 women officers are being considered for promotion against 108 vacancies. These officers will be selected from the batches of 1992 to 2006 from various Arms and Services, including the Engineers, Army Air Defence, Intelligence Corps, Army Service Corps, and Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, among others.

The vacancies for this Special number three Selection Board has been released by the government to promote affected women officers and ensure gender parity in the Indian Army. About 60 women officers who were affected by the disparities have been called as observers for the Selection Board to ensure fair conduct of the procedure. On the basis of the decision taken with the selection board, the 108 women officers declared fit for the position would be considered to be posted on various command assignments.

Indian Army Stepping Toward Equal Representation

The move to post 108 women officers to command roles was brought about with the aim to provide equal opportunities to women. With this, the Indian Army grants Permanent Commission (PC) to women officers at par with their male counterparts, through which the officers can work toward shouldering higher ranks and responsibility in the fleet. All the officers granted PC will be undergoing special training courses and challenging assignments to empower them for leadership roles in the Indian Army. A report by NDTV conveyed that PC has also commenced for Women Officers in junior batches, in which they can be considered for PC in their tenth year of service.

Prior to this decision, the Indian Army had brought about several significant changes which accommodated and recognised women's contributions to the Army. About five Women Officers had cleared the prestigious Defence Services Staff Course and the Defence Services Technical Staff Course Exams, giving them adequate weightage while being considered for command appointments. Women Combat Aviators, Engineers, Army Air Defence, and Signals are already making a mark in the forward areas of deployment. Recently, a woman soldier was deployed to the Siachen Glacier, the highest battlefield.

Additionally, the soldiers are also playing a pivotal role in peacekeeping missions conducted in collaboration with the United Nations. Recently the country deployed an All-Women Engagement Team comprising two Officers and 25 Soldiers to a peacekeeping mission in the conflict region of Abeyi in Africa. This all-women batch continues to provide relief and assistance to women and children in one of the most "challenging operational and terrain conditions under the UN flag." These are just a few among the many feats the Indian Army and its women officers achieved over the past couple of years. They have been positively moving forward and toward achieving a gender-parity that will set an example for the rest of the world.

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