Women Peacekeepers Make History! Largest Single Unit From India Deployed To Sudan Border For UN Mission

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Women Peacekeepers Make History! Largest Single Unit From India Deployed To Sudan Border For UN Mission

Making history yet once again, India has deployed the country's largest single unit of female Blue Helmets since 2007, for a UN Mission in the conflict zone of Abyei in the Sudan-South Sudan border.

India - hailed among the largest troop-contributing countries to the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions, has marked history once again by deploying an all-women platoon of peacekeepers in Abyei, Sudan. The battalion will be stationed in the hostile Abyei area of the Sudan-South Sudan border, as assigned by the United Nations Interim Security Force.

With two officers and 25 soldiers of various ranks, the contingent marks the country's largest single unit of female Blue Helmets deployed for a UN mission since the first-ever all-women's contingent in Liberia in 2007.

Heralding India's Role In Peacekeeping

India is the second-largest troop contributor to UN missions, with nearly 6,000 personnel deployed for various missions. Out of the UN's 71 global peacekeeping missions established since 1948, 49 missions have seen more than two lakh Indians serving and doing their bit in upholding peace. Women peacekeepers have been highly regarded in such missions throughout the world as they tend to connect better with women and children in local circles. This is noticed particularly in conflict zones where women are often victims of sexual and other gender violences.

Speaking praises about the platoon, Ruchira Khamboj, India's permanent representative to the UN in New York, tweeted her good wishes to the "single largest deployment of women peacekeepers in recent years." A report by the Hindustan Times stated that the platoon will specialise in community outreach and will perform extensive security-related tasks. According to the official statement, their presence will be especially welcome in Abyei since the region has recently faced a spurt in violence that triggered challenging humanitarian concerns for women and children.

Sky-Blue Berets To Bring Relief To Conflict Zone

The image of the platoon in their uniforms and signature sky-blue berets have been retweeted and shared by officials and netizens proudly. It heralded the contributions of women soldiers in national affairs and their peacekeeping efforts in the global realm. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the participation of the "Nari Shakti" is a gladdening sight.

Last month foreign affairs minister S Jaishankar lauded the role of Indian peacekeepers working with the United Nations and mentioned that "Indian peacekeepers serving under the UN flag are appreciated around the world." Prior to that, in September 2022, Kamboj had commented during a Security Council briefing that the role of women peacekeepers cannot be emphasised enough in terms of effective peacekeeping.

During the session, she made it a point to underline the pride the country took in having deployed the first-ever all-women peacekeeping contingent in Liberia in 2007. This move, she added, inspired a whole generation of Liberian women to take part in the country's security sector. Their efforts and missions continue to impact a large global group and have effectively reached out to communities.

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