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Relief To Migrant Families! Kochi Launches Free Crèche Services To Take Care Of Children During Parents Work Hours

The free crèche services that reopened near the Kerala High Court on February 2, comes across as a blessing to many migrant families in the city. While the parents work, the caretakers at the crèche would ensure their children and cared for and fed nutritious food.

One of the biggest concerns working parents have is regarding their child's care. During working hours, parents may not be able to devote time to ensuring their child is taken care of well and good. To make it easier for the many working parents contributing to society, several government's launched crèche facilities that care for children during the parent's working hours. One such crèche facility was established in Kochi city by the Women and Child Development department, catering especially to the families of migrant workers.

A First Of It's Kind Facility

The crèche that turned operational near the Kerala High Court on February 2 comes across as a blessing to many migrant families in the city. The migrant and gig workers are those who are often left in a dilemma as they may not be able to afford a crèche service for their child. Children often accompany their parents to the work sites when left with no other option. Lifting the weight off migrant workers' shoulders, the government department has re-opened the crèche services free of cost for the parents.

Since the very first day it turned operational, the crèche received about 25 children, the majority of them coming from migrant families. It has become a huge help for migrant families where both parents work to bring in an income to sustain the family. The free services offered by the crèche remove one worry off the parents' minds by caring for their children, feeding them on time, and all of it under reliable people.

Though the services are primarily meant for migrant children, they are open to children from all backgrounds. They have set a threshold of 25 children but have assured people that the limit would not hold them back from welcoming more children who need to be cared for. Speaking about the initiative, Child Development Project Officer at the Ernakulam Women and Child Development department, Indu VS, said, "This is the sole such facility of the department anywhere in the State."

Bringing Relief To Migrant Families

The facility was launched earlier as a pilot project in Kochi's Willingdon Island in 2018. However, the project had to shut down unexpectedly with the pandemic outbreak in 2020. As it now gets relocated to the police quarters near the High Court and opens its doors once again to parents and their children, many families are now relieved. According to an article by The Hindu, depending on the pilot project's success, the facility will be extended to other regions.

The crèche will be operational between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm, which has been fixed taking into account the working hours of migrant workers. Their services are available six days a week except on public holidays. Children aged between six months and six years will be looked after by four caretakers appointed, with two each for the morning and afternoon sessions. The children will be fed nutritious food through the day, including milk and egg. The department has also issued a quotation for a vehicle, and once it is approved, children can be picked up and dropped at their doorstep by the crèche staff.

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