Why Opt For Oliva As Your Go-To Dermatologist Clinic?

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Why Opt For Oliva As Your Go-To Dermatologist Clinic?

Founded in 2009 by Dr Prashant Soma, Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic harnessed technological innovations to provide world-class yet cost-effective treatments in India.

Founded in 2009 by Dr Prashant Soma, Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic harnessed technological innovations to provide world-class yet cost-effective treatments in India and took the domestic dermatology service industry by storm.

With an impressive track record of 13+ years of service excellence, Oliva has become synonymous with the best results of the science of transformation and earned the trust of 6,00,000+ loyal clients.

Today, with 24+ state-of-the-art clinics present in 8 major cities of the country, including Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Vizag and Kochi, Oliva has established itself as the No 1 dermatology clinic chain in the country, awarded by the Times of India.

Oliva's unflinching commitment to quality care sets it apart from its competitors. Their outstanding 91% satisfaction rating is an unquestionable testament to their unmatched service standards. All treatments at Oliva take place under strict medical supervision in a sterile environment, prioritising client safety, comfort and privacy.

Powered by the largest team of 100+ dermatologists and cutting-edge USFDA-approved technology, Oliva specialises in providing customised skin and hair treatments based on a holistic approach. Oliva’s 5-step treatment protocol is at par with global safety and service standards and includes:

  • Exclusive consultation
  • Customisation of the treatment plan
  • Pre-care
  • Sessions at scheduled intervals
  • Post-care

Some of Oliva’s signature services include:

  • Laser Hair Removal (LHR):

Top dermatologists at Oliva offer customised laser hair removal treatment for men and women of all skin tones and hair types using the revolutionary Soprano ICE laser technology. They perform painless and precise laser hair removal across different body areas, including arms, legs, back, chest, shoulders, abdomen, and delicate zones like the face, private parts and underarms. LHR at Oliva helps you achieve silky, soft, hair-free skin for life within minimal sessions with no downtime.

  • Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy for Hair Loss:

Oliva provides non-surgical and virtually painless PRP therapy for the best results of natural hair regrowth for men and women having early stages of androgenetic alopecia. Experienced dermato-trichologists at Oliva use USFDA-approved centrifuge technology and the double spin method to perform PRP treatment and safely and effectively minimise hair fall, reverse hair thinning, promote hair growth and delay balding. Their medical experts may combine PRP therapy with oral and topical medications to achieve and maintain optimal results and deliver long-lasting satisfaction.

  • Acne Treatment:

Scientifically backed medico aesthetic solutions at Oliva can help you with long-term acne management and minimise the risk of recurrence and permanent scars. Oliva’s experienced dermatologists have a comprehensive approach to diagnosing the root cause of acne by evaluating the family history, hormonal status, dietary habits, skincare regimen and stress levels. They excel in customising treatment for all grades of acne based on the cause, severity and type. They may suggest oral and topical medications as standalone treatments or combine advanced clinical procedures like chemical peels, comedone extraction, intralesional injections and laser toning to achieve visible results.

  • Acne Scar Removal Treatments:

Oliva offers USFDA-approved acne scar revision treatments to safely and effectively minimise all types of atrophic scars like rolling, icepick and boxcar scars and keloids or hypertrophic scars. With the latest fractional Erbium YAG laser and Secret RF technology available in-house, dermatologists at Oliva are adept at performing laser resurfacing and micro-needling radiofrequency treatments. Besides, they specialise in chemical peels, subcision, TCA cross peel and laser toning procedures to ensure significant skin texture improvement within minimum sessions.

  • Skin Lightening Treatment:

Experienced dermatologists at Oliva can help reverse sun damage, ageing-related dullness and uneven skin tone with Oliva’s advanced skin lightening treatments. Using USFDA-approved Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser technology and customised chemical peel treatment, they can help you safely and effectively achieve a brighter and more radiant complexion within limited sessions.

  • Other services: Here is a list of other aesthetic services available at Oliva:
    • Anti-ageing
    • Mole removal
    • Tattoo removal
    • Birthmarks treatment
    • Skin tags removal
    • Stretch marks removal
    • Wart removal

Connect with expert dermatologists to know more about our revolutionary treatments and get a customised treatment plan today! Visit www.olivaclinic.com or call 1800-103-3893 now!

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