Third Wave Likely, Consider Three Factors Before Unlocking: ICMR

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Third Wave Likely, Consider Three Factors Before Unlocking: ICMR

Test positivity rate of below 5%, 70% of vaccinated residents in a district and social distancing must be ensured before opening up said ICMR chief

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Director-General Dr. Balram Raghav cautioned against easing the restrictions and opening the economy, and also directed to consider three factors three factors before lifting the lockdown. Last month, the ICMR had said that a third wave would be inevitable if governments and citizens did not take enough precautions during the second lockdown and vaccinations. The Centre must ensure that vaccinations are ramped up as quickly as possible to prevent the third wave.

The three factors that the ICMR recommended before easing the restrictions in districts are: the test positivity rate must be below 5 per cent for more than a week, 70 per cent of those in the district must be vaccinated and norms of social distancing such as wearing masks and frequent hand sanitation must be ensured, reported Onmanorama. This would hopefully prevent a widespread infection said the ICMR chief. The Centre was aiming for herd immunity after 70 per cent of the population gets vaccinated. Dr Bhargava hoped that at least one crore people would be vaccinated daily between July and August.

The Union Health Ministry had said that a change in the nature of the virus could affect children. Children affected with the virus have so far been asymptomatic, said NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul. Dr Paul said that the Centre would issue a set of guidelines for the treatment of children if the virus mutates.

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