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They say time is a killer, and rightly so! In India, many victims of road accidents have lost their lives simply because they could not reach the hospital on time. A simple reason for this is the bystanders refraining from helping the victims for fear of mudding into police procedures and detention at hospitals. To curb this bystander effect, The Logical Indian initiated the #RoadSafety campaign closely with the #SaveLifeFoundation. This campaign eventually grew into a massive people's movement. As a result, Supreme Court, in its landmark move, brought 'Good Samaritan Law' in the country that legally protects people who offer reasonable assistance to the injured.

Pain Point: Over 13 lakh lives have been lost in 10 years due to road accidents. Before The Good Samaritan law was passed, people at the road accident site would usually refrain from helping the victim for fear of police harassment, hospital detention and financial compensation, among other formalities. This inhibition to help the injured resulted in an increased number of preventable deaths due to road accidents. The role of bystanders become critical in providing emergency care to the accident victims, yet a widespread restraint in offering immediate help to the injured prevailed due to procedural hassles.

Our Effort: The Logical Indian aggressively pursued #RoadSafety through a series of impactful stories that generated crucial awareness about road accidents and the role of bystanders, making it a National Headline. The campaign also issued a getaway for a public petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, garnering over 235,722 petitions. In 2012, Save Life Foundation filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court of India, requesting Hon'ble court to legally protect the Good Samaritans who come forward to help the injured. The Logical Indian and Save Life Foundation called for a silent march in New Delhi to spread awareness about Road Safety. Besides, we made sure to push infographics on social media for an enhanced visual engagement.

Impact: The efforts of The Logical Indian in aggressively pursuing the matter of #RoadSafety and bringing it in the public eye helped the team of Save Life Foundation fast track the proceedings inside the court. The 235,722 petitions signed by our community members who followed our campaigns online reached Prime Minister Modi, who addressed #RoadSafety in his Man ki Baat. The Logical Indian's digital campaign helped the four years ongoing legal struggle achieve its objectives within six months. On March 30th, 2016, the Supreme Court of India gave "force of law" to the guidelines for protecting Good Samaritans issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The Good Samaritan law now provides legal protection to bystanders who extend firsthand help to the victims of road accidents.

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