Shaping Tomorrows World Today - Inside Amazons GMV, Where Every Act Of Kindness Counts

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Shaping Tomorrow's World Today - Inside Amazon's GMV, Where Every Act Of Kindness Counts

From Innovation To Impact, Amazon’s Global Month of Volunteering Champions Change And Compassion, Uniting Its Global Workforce In Transformative Community Service Initiatives.

In a heartwarming display of compassion and community spirit, Amazon has once again rallied its workforce across the world for the annual Global Month of Volunteering (GMV). This expansive initiative united more than 70,000 employees from 51 countries last year and promises to be even bigger this year in a shared mission of community service. From donating school supplies to delivering meals to local communities in need, among many other activities, Amazonians are giving back in small ways and big to their communities

Leadership Principle: Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility

Anita Kumar, Head of Amazon Community Impact - APAC, shares,
"Rooted in our leadership principle of ‘Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility’, we believe volunteering is an opportunity to make a positive impact, contribute to good causes, and connect deeply with our communities. Every year, the Global Month of Volunteering provides significant momentum to this effort, generating awareness and encouraging first-time volunteers, which then continues through the year. By closing the loop on every volunteering activity where volunteers directly interact with communities—be it delivering the food kits they have packed or assembling wheelchairs—employees form strong bonds with the causes they support."

Focus on India: Amazonians participates in 526 Events

India holds a special place when it comes to volunteering, and this was evident in GMV 2023. Over 38,000 employees participated in 526 events, creating ripples of positive change across the nation. For GMV 2024, ambitious plans are underway with 400+ events aimed at addressing critical issues such as education, food security, sustainability, and women empowerment. By partnering with NGOs including DonateKart, Way For Life, GIVE Foundation, Bhumi, Robin Hood Army, CRY, Ramp My City, Rosy Blue Foundation, Cheshire Homes, and KHUSHI, Amazonians in India are making a meaningful impact on thousands of lives.

Spreading Joy and Relief: Amazon’s Volunteering Efforts in 2023

Last year, during the Global Month of Volunteering 2023, Amazon employees engaged in several impactful initiatives. Volunteers participated in the Pack a Ration Kit event, assembling 6,600 kits that provided 265,000 meals to disaster-affected communities in four states. Additionally, 3,500 Amazonians participated in the #RunforChange, a 5 km run in Hyderabad aimed at making a meaningful impact in local communities. Moreover, through the Make a Wish Come True initiative, employees donated truckloads of personalized gifts, bringing joy to over 3,000 children in schools and shelter homes.

Flagship Events at GMV 2024:

Summer Wonderland :

This engaging event in collaboration with CRY and KHUSHI, brings together children and volunteers across three cities. It’s a joyful celebration of learning and fun, fostering creativity and education while giving children a glimpse into the world of Amazon and science.

Support Local :

Focused on supporting local entrepreneurship, particularly youth and women-led ventures, this initiative empowers small businesses in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. By promoting indigenous products and sustainable livelihoods, Amazon is helping communities thrive.

Pack a Ration Kit :

In partnership with DonateKart, Amazon volunteers organize and package vital food items into ration kits. These kits provide much-needed nourishment for families facing food insecurity.

Tiny Treats:

Collaborating with the Robin Hood Army, this initiative aims to provide a handy snack to hungry kids by assembling and distributing sandwiches to those in need. It’s a simple yet powerful act of kindness that brings an instant smile to these faces!

A Culture of Volunteering

Since the first Global Month of Volunteering in April 2022, this initiative has grown into a cornerstone of Amazon’s commitment to global community service, championed personally by the CEO Andy Jassy. Mobilizing over 70,000 employees worldwide, GMV has become a beacon of hope and change. Employee participation in community giving initiatives is now an integral part of Amazon’s culture, driving continuous innovation in how they give back.
While talking about Amazon’s culture of Volunteering Neha Chandra, Lead - Employee Volunteering Amazon Community Impact, India said, “The beauty of volunteering lies in the ripple effect of each individual effort; when one person steps forward, it inspires others to join in. At Amazon, we are committed to leading by example and championing causes that inspire both our team and our leaders to join in. This has cultivated a community of volunteers who are dedicated to contributing every day, thereby enriching their own lives and strengthening the communities we serve."

John and Sonal, two of the many volunteers working to bring about change in society during this year's GMV, shared their thoughts with us.
"Seeing the impact of our collective efforts in my community ignited a deep desire to give back. Knowing that even small acts can create meaningful change, I felt compelled to contribute my time and skills to causes that resonate with me." - John Muvvala, Cloud Support Engineer, AWS Support Engineering
"What might seem like a small gesture to me holds significant weight for those less fortunate, while at the same time, volunteering has provided me with a sense of fulfilment akin to that of meditation." - Sonal Singhania, Manager, Finance Management.
Out of the numerous NGOs who have been partners with Amazon GMV this year, Cuddles Foundation, shares valuable insights, highlighting the strong community bonds and positive outcomes from their collaborative efforts. Tanvi Chopra, COO of Cuddles Foundation said,
"The ongoing commitment from Amazon to supporting holistic nutrition for children has been both impactful and inspiring. Over the years, they have consistently enabled nutritional support to children with paediatric cancer. Last year Amazon supported 3 hospitals with Cuddles Foundation, underscoring a deep dedication to improving lives. We are immensely grateful for the recent visit to our partner hospital by volunteers, where joyful moments were shared with many little cancer champs and their parents. As we continue our mission to ensure every child in India battling cancer has access to holistic nutrition, it's a privilege to count such steadfast allies in our efforts."

Leading by Example: Amazon's Blueprint for Corporate Giving & Social Impact

Amazon, as one of the world’s largest employers, sets a high standard for corporate philanthropy and volunteerism. By leveraging its resources and dedicated workforce, Amazon demonstrates that successful businesses can and should integrate social responsibility into their core operations. Volunteering at Amazon starts with providing agency and empowering employees to lead change one of which is the Employee Small-Grants Program empowers employees to support diverse causes, reflecting Amazon’s deep commitment to community service and sustainable development. Over 200 small grassroots nonprofits have been supported with small grants over the last 3 years with nominations coming in from committed volunteers.
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