Nation Builders 2024: HDFC Credilas CSR Commitments

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Nation Builders 2024: HDFC Credila's CSR Commitments

Since Its Establishment In 2014, The Company's CSR Endeavors Have Evolved Significantly, Embracing A Holistic And Results-Oriented Approach.

In an age where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) holds heightened significance in advancing societal welfare, HDFC Credila distinguishes itself with a CSR strategy focused on indirect implementation for optimal impact. Since its establishment in 2014, the company's CSR endeavors have evolved significantly, embracing a holistic and results-oriented approach.

Their dedication towards change is evident in initiatives spanning Healthcare, Education, Girl Child and Child Empowerment, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), and specialized services for People with Disabilities (PwD).

While speaking to The Logical Indian, Ms. Natasha Raj (Head HR & CSR) commented, “Since our CSR activities' inception in 2014, our organization’s CSR initiatives have undergone a massive transformative journey, culminating in a holistic, impact-driven, and comprehensive approach in recent times. We have adopted a systemic approach, crafted our theory of change, and our continuous efforts aim to amplify impact across various critical domains, touching the lives of numerous beneficiaries. Each project we undertake is a testament to our organization's ethos, blending strategic partnerships with Implementation Partners (NGOs) to achieve targeted outcomes while driving transformative results at scale.

From healthcare to education, girl child empowerment, PwD, WASH, and child empowerment, each project has reached a significant number of beneficiaries, bringing about transformational changes. Our unwavering commitment to making a difference has not only empowered vulnerable individuals and communities but has also made us more responsible corporate citizens, paving the way for a more inclusive and promising future.”

In FY 23-24, HDFC Credila made a sustainable impact by diversifying its CSR projects and adopting innovative approaches. This included expanding its scope to include STEM education and Disability projects, as well as initiating projects in new locations such as Bangalore (Rural) and West Bengal. Collaborating with 15 NGO partners, the organization's projects spanned a wide geographical footprint.

Among these innovative initiatives, notable ones include:

Healthcare: The "Cancer Care for Children" project, implemented by Access Life Assistance Foundation in Mumbai, Maharashtra, focuses on supporting families of children undergoing cancer treatment. Through this initiative, HDFC Credila provides aid with lodging, food, transportation, and counseling services, ensuring families can focus on their child's treatment. Through their collaboration, they have been able to reach 828 beneficiaries that include 276 children and 552 caregivers undergoing cancer treatment, in FY 23-24.

Education: HDFC Credila has collaborated with Muktangan Education Trust to support providing quality education in Global Mill Passage Municipal Secondary Section School, Mumbai collaboration aims to provide equal access to education, reduce school dropouts, promote holistic child development, and create a nurturing learning environment for underserved communities. This project emphasizes the importance of a total systems approach that empowers marginalized communities and bridges educational disparities, involving all stakeholders to promote inclusive and equitable education for underprivileged students. In FY 23-24, their support has benefited and aided 952 children including students with special needs, 130 educators & teacher, 1450 parents, 16 pre-service Trainees, 607 NIPUN Bharat Outreach Interventions.

Girl Child Empowerment: The "Kishori Vikas Prakalp - Urjita Programme'' implemented by Seva Sahyog Foundation in Pune, Maharashtra, aims to enhance the physical and mental well-being of adolescent girls through nutrition, health, gender education, and personality development programs. In FY 23-24, HDFC Credila supported 983 girls through this program.

In addition to supporting NGOs through CSR, HDFC Credila enhances sustainability by donating functional hardware to partners, reducing electronic waste. The organization also emphasizes employee engagement and sustainability, appointing CSR champions locally and facilitating workshops for NGO partners to enhance understanding of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practices.

In conclusion, HDFC Credila's CSR endeavors embody a commitment to driving meaningful change and fostering sustainable development. Through strategic alliances with NGOs, a holistic approach, and an emphasis on employee engagement and sustainability, HDFC Credila paves the way for a more equitable and prosperous future.

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