#TogetherWeRise Strives To Serve The Consumers Of The Future With The Aim Of Creating A Better World

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Mahindra Rise

#TogetherWeRise Strives To Serve The 'Consumers Of The Future' With The Aim Of Creating A Better World

The message carries immense potential to aid businesses in realizing their growth aspirations, as envisioned by the consumers of the future- children.

We all must have seen the beautiful paintings of natural landscapes that children create and the poems they craft to accurately depict the marvels of nature through their fresh, untarnished perspective. Children often possess a greater appreciation and compassion for the beauty of nature than adults, and they have a kind and warm approach toward our planet and its value. Are we taking the necessary steps to ensure that the natural landscapes remain preserved as children portray them in their artworks? Are we setting positive changes in motion for future generations and leaving behind a brighter future? Are we going to leave a better world for them?

Mahindra Group has come forward to speak on behalf of children from all over the world. Through their new campaign #TogetherWeRise, they emphasize the idea that pursuing what is beneficial for the world can also lead to benefits for the business. What creates value also creates profit, and what enriches the planet can enrich the company too.

Mahindra's 'Rise' philosophy dates back to 1945 and focuses on making a positive difference in people's lives, believing that "we will only rise when we enable others to rise." Continuing with that, it has launched a new campaign, #TogetherWeRise, with a small film that showcases children from diverse backgrounds urging every business in the world to ensure the making of a better world. The message carries immense potential to aid businesses in realizing their growth aspirations, as envisioned by the consumers of the future- children. It constitutes an invaluable business plan that can help organizations build a successful future and a better world.

For 'Businesses of the future', it would be wise to reassess their purpose to remain applicable in today's world. Mahindra strived to bridge the gap for those aiming for a future-facing, value-based model by acknowledging the three major global transitions - climate change, technological advancements, and increased value of ESG and technology-driven businesses.

Climate change concerns are at an all-time high, and businesses must adapt to growing regulatory, environmental, and consumer pressures. Mahindra started taking steps in this direction long back. The aim is to be carbon neutral by 2040 and is already water positive at the Group level. Their Igatpuri plant is the first carbon-neutral and zero-waste-to-landfill factory in India. Mahindra Group company CERO is India's first authorized vehicle recycler [4,000 vehicles recycled in F22]. And the list of such actions goes on!

Wait, there is more to add! Diversity & Inclusion has been important to Mahindra! It means including and supporting everyone, no matter who they are or what they do for the business. Keeping in mind the 'Rise' philosophy, Women, LGBTQIA members, veterans, and people with disabilities are part of the inclusive hiring policy at Mahindra Logistics. Among the shop floor employees, there is a high percentage of women. Women have managed XUV700 & Scorpio-N projects. Over 1.5 lakh girls received support under the Nanhi Kali initiative last fiscal year. There is a lot more that is being done in this direction.

The Logical Indian applauds Mahindra's initiative and efforts. It is the need of the hour for businesses to step up to create a more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive world for everyone. All efforts should thus be unified for a positive global outcome of #TogetherWeRise!
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