My Story: My Family Believes I Am A Person With Exceptional Ability

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My Story: 'My Family Believes I Am A Person With Exceptional Ability'

Alankar Gupta is a self-taught artist. Being a person with down syndrome, he never found his disability in the way of his art. Now, he makes paintings using fluid art and dreams of opening an art studio one day.

Lockdown turned out to be my blessing in disguise. I started watching a lot of Youtube videos and before I knew it, I was making fluid art that people genuinely appreciated. I ended up selling paintings all over India, some to art lovers and some to corporates as Diwali gifts for their employers. I received custom-made orders as well. I sold 90+ paintings at my debut art exhibition at Art Bazaar during this time.

I have always enjoyed coloring but due to my lack of grip on painting brushes and pencils, I explored a new style of painting. Fluid art is an abstract trend popular among the art community. I love the marbling effect it has on the canvas. I primarily use acrylic pouring and alcohol ink techniques.

I may not know the names of all the colors or follow conventional steps for fluid art so I go with my mood. Depending on how I am feeling, I pick color combinations.

Fluid art has helped in more ways than one. It has helped me control my temper. I smile more than I used to. I have learned that passion, determination, and perseverance is the key to making stunning artwork.

Alankar Gupta with his paintings at display

The world may see my disability before discovering my talent, but my family believes I am a person with exceptional ability and they are very proud of me and that is what matters.

My sister, Akriti has been the biggest pillar in my life. I share everything with her and we often play together. With her support and encouragement, I even got nominated for the Special Olympics Bharat and was chosen as the National Athlete Input Council member which makes my family very proud.

Besides painting, I like going to the gym, dance class and walking in nature, and trek mountains. I dream of opening my art studio, doing more art exhibitions, and buying my own car one day.

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