My Story: I Lost Two Fingers And A Leg, But Not My Dream Of Becoming A Cricketer

Image Credit: Hemil Parikh

My Story: 'I Lost Two Fingers And A Leg, But Not My Dream Of Becoming A Cricketer'

Hemil Parikh met with a horrific train accident that took his leg and his hopes from him. Several surgeries later, he was back on the ground with his father telling him that the pain would make him stronger.

My father and I are crazy about cricket, and both of us dreamt of a career in the same field for me. I remember my father used to take me to Shivaji Park to play, and at 19 when I was selected in the cricket academy, I was the happiest I had ever been. But life never goes as planned. One of the worst days of my life was March 18, 2009, when I was rushing to my office in my usual commute, the Mumbai locals. That particular day, I was getting late and could only catch the luggage compartment with support at the centre, and I could hold onto that only.

The train started in no time, and I saw a man at the edge of the compartment; I held his hand to support him, but he shouted that he was losing his grip. So, I pulled him from the shoulder and pulled him inside. When in the safe zone, he started adjusting his bag, which pushed me, and I lost my support, I fell off the train, and it ran over my left leg and right hand. I could feel the pain and had not fainted till then; therefore, I called my father and sister and told them about the accident. After that, I remember people coming and picking me up on the stretcher to transfer me to the nearest Sion hospital.

My First Thought Was If I Will Be A Cricketer

With my father's contacts in an NGO, we did not have to wait at all when we reached the hospital, and I was directly taken to the trauma centre without any inquiry or panchnama. The hospital staff started tearing my clothes inside, and since I had had my breakfast, I could not be given anaesthesia. I could feel the pain when they cut the muscles hanging off the wound and cleaned the damage. My first thought was of my dream of becoming a cricketer, and I was doubtful if I would ever be able to bowl or not. I remember thinking that my left hand was my strength and, therefore, I could do that.

I was alone in the recovery room, but we all cried together when my parents saw me. I had my whole life in front of me, and I had to support my family, but here I was, on a hospital bed with two fingers missing in the right hand and an amputated leg. I was shifted to Nanavati hospital for better treatment, and in 20 days, I had surgeries scheduled on alternative days. Grafting was done in my hand and some areas near the leg, so it was painful everywhere. After getting discharged, I regularly went for dressing to the clinic for more than three months.

Now, I Dream Of Representing The Country

After the dressings were done, the doctor introduced me to the concept of prosthetics. My prosthetics were ready on June 6, 2009, and I started walking after what felt like a lifetime. It was just like childhood; my parents taught me to walk again. It did not take me much time to walk and balance independently. With those prosthetics, I started training myself again. My father would take me to the ground and ask me to run three rounds. Initially, I found it difficult because the stump would start bleeding, and the pain came back. My father would tell me that the pain made me stronger. Eventually, I started playing again, but I still practised a lot because I wanted to play for the country. I will represent my state in the upcoming tournament as an all-rounder. Apart from cricket, I have started practising Fencing, Air rifle shooting and shot put.

I have been climbing our pilgrimage mountain in Palitana of almost 4000 steps for three successive days every year. I perform many dance forms like MJ, Garba and Bollywood. My goals in life are to play cricket for my country, share a stage with my favourite dancer Hrithik Roshan, and climb Mt. Everest base camp. On January 26, I had recently climbed the Kalsubai peak, the highest peak in Maharashtra, which was the first step towards my ultimate goal of Everest base camp. It was my first trek, and it was completed.

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