My Story: Failure Builds Character, Dont Let It Stop You

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My Story: 'Failure Builds Character, Don't Let It Stop You'

Moksh Murgai (22) is a Delhi-based young cricketer and a state-level athlete. The all-rounder has the record of scoring 30 centuries and over 50 half-centuries in the domestic circuit. However, despite playing the game for the last 14 years, he is yet to get his big break.

I am a professional cricketer from New Delhi and a state-level athlete representing the national capital. I have played nationals in various categories like sub-junior, junior and senior, interzonal (District) and zonal level cricket. I have the record of scoring 30 centuries and over 50 half-centuries in the domestic circuit. I am an all-rounder batsman and quite handy with the ball too.

In addition, I have scored around 850 runs with more than 20 wickets in DDCA league in 2018, and represented India in a tournament in Lucknow in the same year. I was also part of the Railways Ranji trophy as well as Under 23 camps.

MS Dhoni Is My Inspiration

I started playing cricket at the age of seven. MS Dhoni has been my biggest source of motivation and my reason to play cricket. The day he smashed a tremendous knock of 183 runs against Sri Lanka, I decided to become a cricketer.

My family has been the biggest support system for me throughout this journey. Though they were concerned about my studies, they never stopped me from achieving whatever I wished for. It took me immense hard work and dedication to reach wherever I am today, and I must say, the family support played a big role in it.

Yet To Make It Big

However, despite playing the game for the last 14 years, I am yet to get my big break.

Before making it big, life is full of struggles for a cricketer, and it becomes more difficult when you start doing it at a very young age. There is always a burden of maintaining the right balance between your studies and sports.

Also, there is a dearth of money in the local tournaments. This is the reason why most of the young aspiring sportspersons are not able to continue for long, either due to financial constraints or pressure from family and society.

It is also hard for a club cricketer to deal with injuries. Here, one doesn't get any physio, unlike at the domestic and international level. There is no management to treat your injuries or give you financial assistance. I also got a back injury once that tried to become a roadblock in my journey, however, I remained focused and never thought of quitting my dreams and aspirations.

Cricket has helped me big time in every stage of my life. It has helped me in my mental stability and a strong mindset.

For those who want to be cricketers or any other sportsperson, one needs to be dedicated to it and prioritise it. It requires years of hard work and dedication. One shouldn't worry about the outcomes and failures, just give your best and leave the rest to destiny. Remember a person learns more from failure than success.

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