My Story: I Plan To Add More Learning Resources On Mindfulness To Help People Lead More Mindful, Fulfilling Life

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My Story: 'I Plan To Add More Learning Resources On Mindfulness To Help People Lead More Mindful, Fulfilling Life'

Shweta Advani is a mindfulness coach who shifted from a corporate job to start 'Mindful Love Tribe', an organization that works towards helping people in practising mindfulness in everyday life.

Have you ever noticed the sparkle in your kid's eyes when they talk about what they love or how your partner smiles from cheek to cheek on a funny joke? Have you ever actually sat with someone without your phone, noticed the minute details, and felt their presence? I had this experience while I was vacationing on the beautiful island of Andaman in Dec 2018.

I had been in the corporate world for ten years, and I wanted to do something else in my life. So I went on to take a career break to figure out and gain the right perspective in life. But as they say, life takes you to places you are destined to be; a trip to Andamans changed my life.

I saw a guy there sitting in the lounge of a resort reading a book and went up to say 'Hi'. The conversation that followed turned out to be very engaging, and I felt heard and seen like I had not felt before.

Later on, when I came back from the trip, I contemplated what made these conversations so different from others. The answer was "Mindfulness". I realized that I had always been practising living in the moment; now, I just found a term for it. It was because both of us were present at the moment and gave each other the gift of our attention as the cell phones weren't working there.

The Epiphany

This moment led me to believe that if being mindful with a stranger for a brief period of time can enhance the quality of our experience so much, then what impact would it have on the quality of everyone's lives if practised daily.

I thought that Mindfulness is such a lost art today, and there are no structured organizations in India that give people any knowledge on how they can integrate Mindfulness in everyday living.

So, I thought of creating India's first holistic platform for Mindful living, the 'Mindful Love Tribe', which would provide Mindfulness resources to everyone at an affordable price.

Initially, I started in the domain of doing Mindful relationship workshops that focused on teaching the art of building Mindful and fulfilling Relationships, and the people well received this idea. And I and my organization got a lot of people who wanted to learn to be mindful in relationships.

Other Initiatives

With the onset of COVID-19, I realized that there is a need for Mindfulness-based courses to help people deal with the stress and anxiety that came along with the uncertainty and new normal. Then I launched the flagship course, 'Anxiety Tool Kit' for individuals and corporates that focused on empowering people to manage stress and lead happy and healthy lives.

I gradually moved to build a team of handpicked Mindfulness coaches, psychologists and Meditation masters worldwide and have curated courses for individuals, schools and corporates.

My organization has workshops on Yoga, Mindful relationships, Mindfulness at work, Introducing Mindfulness to children and more. These are live stream sessions, and people can choose to take a group session or a personal coaching session.

My wish is to help people lead a more mindful and fulfilling life, and I plan to add on more learning resources on Mindfulness in coming times that can be easily accessible on the go.

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