My Story:My Mother Even Studied Braille To Help Me With Schooling

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My Story:'My Mother Even Studied Braille To Help Me With Schooling'

Shibani Ghosh was diagnosed with hearing impairment at a young age. Her parents always received comments on her speech and behaviour. Although, she found her passion in singing and now has turned into a singer.

I was three months old when I suffered from pneumonia and couldn't sleep all night. When my parents were taking me to the doctor in the morning, they encountered a saint singing. Upon hearing his voice, I stopped crying. It was the first time my parents discovered my love for music. Even before I could speak, I was singing. I think music is the source that bridges the gap between the world and me.

I come from Krishnanagar, a small town in West Bengal, my father Asim is the headmaster of a school and my mother Sujata was an accountant. The credit for who I am today goes to these two strong-headed people, who were once advised to send me to an orphanage by society. People felt a child with blindness was nothing more than a burden.

People asked ridiculous questions to my mother on my appearance, speech and behaviour. But my lion-hearted mother always never shied away from going out. She encouraged me to pursue singing, took me to playgrounds and helped me lead a life like other children. She even studied Braille to help me with schooling.

Alongside my education, I started learning to sing. A dream turned into reality

My singing wish came true when I made my debut as a professional singer by releasing the CD album 'Tagore Vision' in 2013. Releasing my CD to being a singer at the prestigious All India Radio Akashvani Kolkata, Yubabani on Adhunik, and Rabindra sangeet life still feels like a dream.

While I dived myself into my work, I always made sure to participate in singing events which helped me understand the current trends in the industry.

I have performed on Rupasi Bangla, ETV, Channel One, and Orange Bangla, High News. I have also represented my talent for various radio channels like 94.3 radio one, 104 fever FM, 92.7 big FM, and 91.9 friends FM.

I'm a State level champion in Rabindra Sangeet and have worked as a playback studio singer with many Music Directors.

I have received the "Talentino Award" from the Colours Bangla channel and the 'Role Model Award from the West Bengal government for outstanding performance in singing.

I cleared higher secondary education in 2020 and am currently studying BA in Vocal Music (Hons) at Rabindra Bharati University. In future, I want to pursue a master's in music and work as a playback singer.

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