Tek Fog: The Wires Investigation Reveals BJP Using The App To Temper Social Media Trends

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Tek Fog: The Wire's Investigation Reveals BJP Using The App To Temper Social Media Trends

Claims are that Tek Fog, the secret application, has been used by the youth wing of BJP to control social media trends and spread right-wing propaganda.

After a two-year extensive investigation by The Wire, the truth about an application called 'Tek Fog' being used to tamper with the social media trends to inject a particular ideology or give way to propaganda has been revealed. Ayushman Kaul and Devesh Kumar from the outlet have conducted this investigation.

It comes after a woman with the Twitter handle @Aarthisharma08 alleged using a secret application by Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM ). She alleged that the party's IT cell was using the App to manoeuvre the social media trends and hack these platforms to spread right-wing propaganda. She claimed to be an employee with BJP's IT cell. She revealed that the App was being used to hijack Twitter trends, create and manage multiple WhatsApp groups, for online harassment of journalists who are not in favour of BJP, and automate hate and troll on various social media platforms.

Concerning Features Of The App That Have Been Verified

The application has some alarming features that are bound to raise concerns. The App can allow its users to take control of the trends on the social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by 'auto tweeting' and 'auto sharing' tweets and posts. Other than this, the App can also hack the inactive WhatsApp accounts of the citizens and use them to message their contacts. By this, they could also fetch the personal information of the targeted users. The App has a cloud database where citizens store information about their age, occupation, religion, gender, political inclinations, and other physical attributes. The App can also help in auto replying to groups and individuals by generating keywords and phrases that are derogatory. Another feature allows the user to completely delete all the evidence of the past activities they might have performed using the App.

Does BJP Use The App?

Although the investigation has come up with evidence of a connection between BJYM and the App, Devang Dave, the former National Social Media and IT Head of BJYM, who is also the election manager of BJP in Maharashtra, has denied the news. The report also suggested the role of a technology services company named Persistent Systems in running the App. The company has refused to make any comments, reported The Wire.

Netizens Reactions After The Investigation

The information has spread like fire and has turned a lot of heads. Many doubt the investigation, while some call out BJP for using the App. Trinamool Congress MP Derek O' Brien wrote to the Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs about the App, saying that the App can pose a grave threat to the country's security, reported The Wire.

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