218 Fast Track Courts For Rape, POCSO Cases To Be Set Up In Uttar Pradesh
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218 Fast Track Courts For Rape, POCSO Cases To Be Set Up In Uttar Pradesh

Looking at the rise in crimes against women, the Uttar Pradesh government on Monday announced setting up of 218 fast track courts to listen rape and POCSO cases. The announcement was made following the cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

This decision comes after the Unnao rape victim passed away in Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi after she was set ablaze last Thursday. Her death had caused an outrage in the country and questions were asked about the measures taken to ensure women safety.

State Law Minister Brijesh Pathak stated that of these 218 fast track courts, 144 will exclusively will hear rape cases, while the remaining 74 will hear cases filed under the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act) Act.

Pathak told The Indian Express, “At present, about 42,379 cases of crime against children and about 25,749 rape cases are pending at various courts in Uttar Pradesh. The state has 81 fast track courts to hear cases related to women. Now, the rape cases will be transferred to the new fast track courts.”

“For these fast track courts, 218 posts of additional session judges have been created, and staff posts for the court will also be created,” Pathak was reported saying by The Economic Times.

With an estimated expenditure of around ₹75 lakh on each court, the total cost of setting up the fast courts comes around ₹163 crores 60 per cent of which will be borne by the Central government and 40 per cent by the state.

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