Development Initiative PM-DevINE Launched For Funding Infrastructure in North-Eastern Regions

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Development Initiative 'PM-DevINE' Launched For Funding Infrastructure in North-Eastern Regions

The initiative, PM-DevINE, will fund infrastructure and social development projects in the spirit of PM GatiShakti, which will allow livelihood activities for youth and women.

A new scheme called Prime Minister's Development Initiative for North-East Region, PM-DevINE has been announced by Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Minister for Finance & Corporate Affairs while presenting the Union Budget 2022-23. She said that the scheme would be executed through the North-Eastern Council and initial funding of Rs. 1500 crore will be made for this.

The Finance Minister also explained that this scheme would not be an alternative for ongoing central or state schemes. The central ministries may suggest their candidate projects, but priority will be given to those suggested by the states.

The Ministry of Development of the North-East Region has given out information about the scheme through a press release.

What Is The PM-DevINE Scheme?

The scheme will fund infrastructure and social development projects in the spirit of PM GatiShakti, which will allow livelihood activities for youth and women. This scheme will also help fill the gaps in various sectors, and Rs 1500 crore are assigned for the initiative.

Projects To Be Covered Under The Scheme

The scheme covers various projects to be implemented in the North-Eastern states.

The first one is the Establishment of Dedicated Services for the Management of Paediatric and Adult Haemotolymphoid Cancers in North-East India, Guwahati, for Rs 129 crores. NECTAR Livelihood Improvement Project is a multi-state project that has been allocated Rs 67 crores.

Promoting Scientific Organic Agriculture in North-East India, a multi-state project has been given Rs 45 crores. Construction of Aizawl By-pass on Western Side for Rs 500 crores. Gap funding for Passenger Ropeway system for Pelling to Sanga-Choeling in West Sikkim for Rs 64 crores. Gap funding for Eco-friendly Ropeway (Cable Car) from Dhapper to Bhaleydhunga in South Sikkim for Rs 58 crores. Pilot Project for Construction of Bamboo Link Road at different locations in various districts in Mizoram for Rs 100 crore.

Rs 537 crore have been allocated for other projects which are yet to be identified. All these funds allocated are tentative.

Other Initiative For North-East India

Apart from introducing the PM-DevINE scheme, another initiative called 'Vibrant Villages Programme' has been announced by the Finance Minister. The Ministry of Finance released a press release about the same.

Border villages with a meagre population, limited connectivity and infrastructure often get left out from the development gains. These villages will be covered under the Vibrant Villages Programme. They will have activities like the construction of the village infrastructure, housing, tourist centres, road connectivity, provisioning of decentralised renewable energy, DTH access for Doordarshan, educational channels, and support for livelihood generation.

Nirmala Sitharaman further said, "Additional funding for these activities will be provided. Existing schemes will be converged. We will define their outcomes and monitor them on a constant basis."

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