Kingmakers IAS Academy: Top Rankers & UPSC Experts for Your Civil Service Success

Kingmakers IAS Academy: Top Rankers & UPSC Experts for Your Civil Service Success

Future Civil Servants Will Be From KINGMAKERS

In a remarkable feat, KingMakers IAS Academy, under the esteemed guidance of Mr. Bhoominathan, Director of the Academy, has achieved unprecedented success in the All-India Civil Service Examination 2023. Since 2013, we have produced around 751 achievers in the Civil Service Examinations. The results, announced on April 16th, have cemented KingMakers IAS Academy's reputation as the premier institute for civil service preparation.

Consecutive Top Performances: Two Years of All-India Topper

Mr. Aditya Srivathsava's stellar performance, securing the top position in India for two consecutive years, exemplifies KingMakers IAS Academy's commitment to excellence. His achievement, alongside last year's top performer Ms. Ishita Kishore, reinforces the Academy's reputation as the preferred choice for aspirants seeking success in civil service examinations.

Impressive Success Rate: Over 50% Representation from Tamil Nadu

With over 50% of Tamil Nadu's successful candidates coming from KingMakers IAS Academy, the institution has once again demonstrated its prowess in grooming future civil servants. This remarkable achievement underscores the effectiveness of the Academy's initiatives and processes, which prioritize the holistic development of students and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the civil services arena.
Moreover, notable performers from Tamil Nadu include Mr. S. Prasanth (State Rank 2) and Ms. Eshani Anand (State Rank 3). Additionally, a plethora of students from Tamil Nadu, trained at KingMakers IAS Academy, have secured commendable ranks, contributing significantly to the state's representation in the civil services.

Over 100 Plus Achievers and the first 100 percent visually challenged Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer

Beyond the spotlight of top ranks, KingMakers IAS Academy boasts an impressive roster of over 100 plus achievers, showcasing the diversity and talent nurtured by the institution. These students, with their dedication and perseverance, have achieved commendable success in the fiercely competitive civil service examination, further solidifying the Academy's position as the beacon of success for aspirants nationwide.
Apart from excelling in the Civil Service Examinations, KingMakers IAS Academy has witnessed several remarkable achievements. Notably, Beno Zephine made history by becoming the first 100 percent visually challenged Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer from KingMakers. Additionally, the last two years have seen the Civil Service toppers emerging from KingMakers IAS Academy, a testament to the institution's consistent excellence and dedication to nurturing future leaders.

Future Civil Servants Will Be from KINGMAKERS

Former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, once remarked, "Future Civil Servants will be from this academy." This statement underscores the profound impact and legacy of KingMakers IAS Academy in shaping the future of civil service in India. During the inauguration of the academy, former President Mukherjee expressed his confidence in the institution's ability to produce exceptional civil servants who would contribute significantly to the nation's progress. With a rich tradition of producing top performers and a commitment to excellence, the Academy continues to inspire and empower the next generation of civil servants, driving positive change and progress in the nation. Indeed, the words of past presidents have come true.
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