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Now 'TikTok Therapy' In Mizoram COVID Care Centre For Asymptomatic Patients

The ‘TikTok Therapy’is a way to provide stress relief as well as mental support to both medics and patients, said Elsadai B Lalbersiama, the Medical Officer at the centre.

Amid the rising COVID-19 cases in the country, a COVID Care Centre (CCC) in Lawngtlai district in Mizoram has come up with 'TikTok therapy' for asymptomatic patients.

It all started two weeks ago when 31-year-old Dr Elsadai B Lalbersiama, the Medical Officer at the CCC, formed a WhatsApp group for the medics and patients to pass information to them, set reminders about medicine, exercise, etc, reported The Indian Express.

All eight COVID-19 patients in the centre were asymptomatic. Soon, the group became a platform to share stickers and dance videos.

"We decided that we [the doctors] would dance using the app, post our videos and ask them to share theirs too. Like a TikTok challenge," Dr Lalbersiama told the media.

"It's a way to provide stress relief as well as mental support — not just for them, but us too," the doctor added.

"When I first saw the video of the doctors dancing, I knew this wasn't for them. But we took it up as a challenge," said an 18-year-old patient in the Centre.

"It is a fun activity...Sometimes, we don't even feel like we are patients — at least I forget I have COVID-19," the patient added.

For over a week, both the medics and patients have been taking part in the challenge.

"They are young and energetic and we thought this was a good way to keep everyone engaged," Dr Zothanpari Chhakchhuak, the Superintendent of the Lawngtlai District Hospital which now functions as a CCC, said.

All patients, except an 11-year-old, were between 18-30 years of age. The challenge was only possible because none of the cases was serious and they were few in number, she added.

In addition to the 'TikTok therapy', the medical team is also ensuring that the patients exercise regularly and have provided them with skipping ropes.

"It's a great initiative. These people really need motivation and encouragement and activities like this can go a long way," said Mizoram Health Secretary, H. Lalengmawia.

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