25 People Died Due To The Shortage Of Oxygen At Delhis Jaipur Golden Hospital

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25 People Died Due To The Shortage Of Oxygen At Delhi's Jaipur Golden Hospital

National leaders and state leaders conveyed their condolences to the family of the bereaved even as no immediate solution is at sight to solve the medical Oxygen shortage.

Another Day Another Tragedy

Twenty-five patients admitted to the Jaipur Golden Hospital's critical care unit died late Friday night due to a shortage of oxygen. The hospital was supposed to get 3,600 MT of Oxygen but only received 1500 Litres. The incident has sent This is among the many incidents of shortage of medical oxygen for critically ill patients that have caused the death of patients. Delhi has shouldered the brunt of deaths due to a shortage of medical oxygen. Many more lives hang in the balance, with many other hospitals having sent a distress call on shortage of medical oxygen for critically ill COVID patients.

What Are The Reasons For The Shortage?

Due to poor planning, the presence of Oxygen production units is unevenly positioned. And hence few states which are far from states where the production units are placed, the Oxygen is not able to be transported in sufficient quantities in time. Local officials blocking certain trucks for the states own usage has further hampered the fast movement of medical Oxygen from the place where it is made to the place where it is needed. Delhi's usual source of Oxygen is from the neighbouring states, which are also reeling under the COVID pandemic. Spike in the local demand has lead to a lack of Oxygen that can be made available to Delhi despite contractual obligations, which the Delhi Government continues to stress on. Now, medical Oxygen is being sourced from the industrial zones of eastern India and hence the delay. Measures like Oxygen Express, airlifting of mobile Oxygen manufacturing plants from Germany, among others, are expected to bring things under control; however, time is short and has already run out. Every minute delayed is endangering other lives.

Why They Said?

"25 patients lost their lives yesterday due to shortage of oxygen. We are literally gasping for breath," Jaipur Golden Hospital said in the High Court reported India Today

Rahul Gandhi conveyed his condolences to the families of the deceased

"The news of the death of several patients due to lack of oxygen in Jaipur Golden Hospital, Delhi is extremely tragic. My deepest condolences to the families of the deceased. I appeal to the State Govt and Congress workers to provide all possible assistance to their families,"

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sounded helpless in his appeal.

"There's a huge shortage of oxygen in Delhi. Will people of Delhi not get oxygen if there is no oxygen-producing plant here?"

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