Uttar Pradesh: 6 Killed, 12 Injured After Electric Bus Runs Over Bystanders In Kanpur

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Uttar Pradesh: 6 Killed, 12 Injured After Electric Bus Runs Over Bystanders In Kanpur

In Kanpur, a road accident occurred when an electric bus ran over bystanders, leaving at least six people dead with 12 others injured. The incident happened between Ghantaghar and Tat mill crossroads.

In a horrifying road accident in Kanpur, at least six people were killed, and 12 others were injured after an electric bus lost control and ran over bystanders. The incident happened between Ghantaghar and Tat mill crossroads.

The police stated that they and the ambulance reached the spot as soon as they received the accident's information. The injured were immediately rushed to the nearby hospital. Local police have initiated a probe in the matter. The bus driver is on the run while the search is underway.

The speeding electric bus lost its control and hit many vehicles and bystanders. Three cars and several bikes were destroyed, after which the bus ran through a traffic booth and came to a halt after hitting a truck, reported NDTV.

The Police Commissionerate Kanpur Nagar has tweeted and given the details of the accident.

Road Accidents In India

A report titled 'Road Accidents In India- 2019' was released by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, which stated that accident-related deaths in India in 2019 were 1,51,113 in number. India was ranked first in the number of road accident deaths across the 199 nations and accounted for about 11% of accident-related deaths globally.

As per the report, 4,49,002 accidents took place in India in 2019, which led to 1,51,113 deaths and 4,51,361 injuries. In terms of percentage, accidents decreased by 3.86% in 2019 compared with the previous year. The accident-related deaths decreased by 0.20%, and injuries were reduced by 3.86%.

The report also mentioned some additional details that the Supreme Court Committee desired to cover regarding accidents and fatalities on NHAI jurisdiction-wise. As per the report, National Highways and State Highways account for only 5% of the total road length but share a whopping 61% of accident-related deaths. Other 95% road length roads were responsible for 39% of accident-related deaths. National Highways under the administrative control of NHAI accounted for 66% of accident-related deaths, while National Highways under State PWD accounted for 25% of accident-related deaths. National Highways accounted for 9% of accident-related deaths under other Departments.

The main reason for accidents and accident-related deaths was over-speeding, which accounted for 63%-73% of road accidents and 62%-70% of road accidents deaths. Tamil Nadu (57,228) was ranked first in terms of road accidents, followed by Madhya Pradesh (50,669) and Uttar Pradesh (42,572).

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