7-Yr-Od Pune Girl Sets World Record For Fastest Limbo Skating Under 20 Cars In 13.74 Seconds

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7-Yr-Od Pune Girl Sets World Record For Fastest Limbo Skating Under 20 Cars In 13.74 Seconds

Deshna Nahar from Pune beats the previous record of a 14-year-old from China, to become the new World Record Holder for the fastest limbo skating under 20 cars in 13.74 seconds.

7-year-old Deshna Nahar from Pune now holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest limbo skater under 20 cars at a stretch and has become the new reason for the country to be proud. With a perfect split, the 7-year-old clocked out in 13.74 seconds and beat the previous record of 14.15 seconds held by a 14-year-old from China.

A feat to be collectively proud of

Ducking under 20 cars over a stretch of 193 feet in a perfect split within 13.74 seconds is a feat that deserves much appreciation, and the 7-year-old has received it with her Guinness World Title.

Limbo skating, or roller limbo, is a sport where a skater is required to pass underneath obstacles set at a low height. Here's the video of the 7-year-old performing the limbo skating that won her the world record title.

Deshna has previously competed in numerous events across the country and has won over 40 medals within such a young age. She also has over 16 certificates that praise her impeccable talent in the sport of limbo skating. Having trained and prepared for this moment for the past two years, she marked her skills on a global level by bagging the Guinness World Record.

Social media handles of the Guinness World Record officially published the new record stating that,

"The fastest time to limbo skate under twenty cars is 13.74 seconds and was achieved by Deshna Aditya Nahar (India) in Pune, Maharashtra, India on 16 April 2022"

Aditya Nahar, the father of the 7-year-old, was beyond elated over the win and attributed it to her coach, who has constantly supported her during the training sessions. "He encouraged her to do better", said the father in an interview with the Pune Mirror.

She has been specifically practising for the title over the past month across the training centre on Katraj Kondhwa road and the track set up by her father at a nearby construction site. All the efforts paid off as the Nahars received their official Guinness Certificate on the 14th of June.

Even more remarkable is the fact that Deshna is just half the age of her Chinese counterpart, who previously held the title. With half the experience but double the determination, this little skater has managed to win a wondrous achievement.

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