Online Gaming Addiction: Andhra Teenager Ends Life After Friends Mock Him Over Defeat In PUBG

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Online Gaming Addiction: Andhra Teenager Ends Life After Friends Mock Him Over Defeat In PUBG

A 16-year-old teenager allegedly committed suicide after his friends mocked him over defeat in the online game 'PUBG.' The boy was reportedly embarrassed by the group of his friends.

After being mocked by friends over defeat in the online game 'PUBG,' a 16-year-old boy allegedly ends his life by hanging himself from a ceiling fan. The boy was embarrassed after his friends made fun of him for losing the game. This incident took place on June 12 at Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh. The police administration has sent the deceased's body for post-mortem examination and carried out an investigation.

The teenager's father is Shantiraj, a local Congress official. After this incident, the District Congress President requested the central and state government to ban such life-taking online games, Mirror Now reported. In India, PUBG was banned in 2019 and several other apps but resurfaced in 2021 under a different name.

The boy was addicted and fond of playing 'PUBG.' The 16-year-old played the online game with his friends on Sunday. After losing the game to his friends, they mocked him over his defeat. Out of embarrassment, he returned to his house and took an unfortunate step.

Similar Incidents Of Suicide

A 21-year-old son of a Congress leader, Kamini Gurjar, in Rajasthan, committed suicide as he failed to complete a challenge in the online game 'PUBG.' His family confirmed that he was addicted to online gaming and used to spend most of his time the same.

In another shocking incident, a boy identified as Om Bharat ended his life after his mother snatched his phone for not playing online games and asked him to study. He even left a suicide note which allegedly mentions that his parents pressurised him for studies. The body of the 16-year-old boy was identified near a railway track between Kandivali and Malad station.

Life Taking Addiction

Recently, the craze for online gaming among youngsters has increased significantly. The addiction to online gaming among teenagers takes their consciousness and increases anxiety. They believe that the game is more important than their own life. The vicious circle of online gaming needs to be played under the strict guidance of an elder with a unified self-awareness to prevent such suicide incidents in the near future.

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