Karnataka: Charred Bodies Of Young Couple Found In Burning Car At Udupi, Police Suspect Suicide

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Karnataka: Charred Bodies Of Young Couple Found In Burning Car At Udupi, Police Suspect Suicide

After leaving home, the couple approached a travel agent and visited beaches and temples in a rented car that was set on fire along with the duo inside. The investigation is still ongoing for further leads.

The charred bodies of a young couple were found in a burning car on Sunday, May 22, in Heggunje village, near Bhrahmavar police station in Udupi, Karnataka. The pair had been reported missing by their parents since Wednesday, May 18.

The police informed that the young duo, who had only graduated college, supposedly told their parents that they would end their lives through phone messages.

Couple Went Missing

Yashwanth Yadav V and Jyothi were 23 years old and lived in RT locality, Bengaluru. Around noon, Yashwanth left his home for his tally classes on a bike on Wednesday. Likewise, Jyothi had gone for an interview on the same day; however, later, her phone had been turned off, as reported by The New Indian Express.

According to a preliminary investigation by the police, they had been reported missing in Hebbal, Bengaluru, from Wednesday. After that, they went to Mangalore on a bike and rented a place there. They approached a travel agent there on May 21, Saturday to rent a car.

Travelling Across Karnataka

The couple roamed around and travelled to Bhatkal, visiting the coast and going near a temple in Mandarthi. Early morning on Sunday, at 3 am, they finally arrived at Heggunje village. At the time, Yashwanth sent a phone message to his brother, sharing his thoughts on ending his life and forwarding his location, as reported by Times Now.

The local found the car at 3:20 am burning. The police arrived on the scene after being informed by the locals. However, the couple had died, and the fire destroyed the vehicle entirely.

While the police suspect suicide, the investigation is still ongoing for further leads.

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