Delhi Police To Set Up Cyber Police Station In Every District

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Delhi Police To Set Up Cyber Police Station In Every District

These stations will be set up in all 15 districts and will start functioning on December 1.

The Delhi Police plans to set up cyber police stations in all 15 districts to curb cybercrimes in the national capital. According to a notification by the Department of Home of the Delhi Government, the police stations will start functioning from December 1.

"The Lieutenant Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, in order to facilitate extension of better police assistance to the public, hereby, is pleased to direct and declare that the cyber police stations in east, northeast, south, southeast, southwest, west, outer, central, north, northwest, Shahdara, Rohini, New Delhi, Dwarka and outer north shall be the cyber police stations in each notified 15 police districts in Delhi from the date of issue of this notification," the notification stated.

Increase In Cybercrimes

Cybercrime cases recorded an 11.8 per cent increase in the year 2020, according to the report by National Crime Records Bureau. Hindustan Times reported that there was a significant increase in cyber crimes in Delhi during the COVID pandemic, and every day 88 such cases were reported November 2020. The data provided by NCRB depicts the need for reform in the existing methods.

The types of cyber crimes which have surged in the national capital are email frauds, social media crimes, mobile app related crimes, business email compromise, data theft, ransomeware, net banking/ATM frauds, fake calls fraud, insurance fraud, lottery scam, bitcoin, cheating ccams, online transactions fraud, gift card frauds, sextortion and Phishing-Vishing frauds, among others.

The Cyber Crime Cell of Delhi Police has a specialised unit that handles all sensitive cases revolving such, including those in which the victims are women and children. It has a well-equipped cyber lab that can extract data even from the latest Android and iOS phones. This facility will now be set up in all the 15 districts, reported Business Standard.

According to the officials, the police stations will work with the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations Unit and report directly to the district deputy commissioner of police.

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