Indias Asha Rani Pulls 12, 216 KG Bus By Hair To Create Guinness World Record

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India's Asha Rani Pulls 12, 216 KG Bus By Hair To Create Guinness World Record

In a viral video, Asha can be seen creating the world record. As the clip commences, a 12,000 kg double-decker bus can be seen fastened to Asha’s braids tightly.

Asha Rani from India has wonderstruck the netizens by setting an eye-popping world record after pulling a double tracker bus with just her hair. The video got viral with over 36k views after it was posted on the official Instagram profile of the Guinness world record. With the clip commencing, a massive 12,000 kg double-decker bus can be seen tightly fastened to Asha's braids; she pulls the bus carefully and then breaks down after achieving the world record. The audience was stunned by Asha's unique ability and lauded her for creating a world record.

Achievements Recorded

According to a blog shared by Guinness world record, Asha Rani nailed the feat back in 2016. She was hailed as the iron Queen for pulling a London double-decker bus on the 'Lo Show Dei Record set in Milan, Italy. Asha now holds seven Guinness World Record titles for her unique weight lifting skills.

In 2013 she used both her ears to pull a 1,700 kg van, and in 2014, she broke the record by achieving the 'Heaviest Weight lifted with both eye sockets [Female] in the UK. She even broke the Record for a Female to pull a road vehicle 25 m with teeth in 22.16 seconds in Mahilpur, Punjab.

However, her latest record stunned people and was loaded with likes and comments.

In fact, in an article released by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, Asha Rani was named "Asha 'the Iron Queen' Rani breaks her own Record for the Heaviest vehicle pulled by hair (Female).

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