Breaking Barriers! Video Of Specially-Abled Delivery Woman Riding Wheelchair Scooter In Delhi Wins Hearts

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Breaking Barriers! Video Of Specially-Abled Delivery Woman Riding Wheelchair Scooter In Delhi Wins Hearts

A Twitter video posted by Swati Maliwal has been making rounds online for showing the determination of a specially-abled woman who was taking around food deliveries for Swiggy in a wheelchair scooter.

"Life is without a doubt difficult, but we will not give up", read the tweet about the specially-abled delivery agent who has been earning her bread as a Swiggy delivery agent. Inspiring videos like these have been coming out in the face of ongoing discussions on creating employment opportunities in the mainstream for the specially-abled.

There have been a lot of stigmas attached to disabilities that hold people back from getting equal opportunities as others. Especially in a field such as food delivery, organisations look for faster delivery agents to attract huge crowds of customers. In such a space, the video of the Swiggy delivery agent has been a positive note of inclusivity and more representation in a challenging field.

Saluting The Spirit

Chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal, shared the video of the specially-abled delivery agent on September 10 through her official Twitter handle. In the video, the young woman, wearing the Swiggy uniform, is seen riding a wheelchair scooter on the side of the Delhi roads.

Sharing it with the caption "Life is without a doubt difficult, but we will not give up. I salute this spirit," the tweet has now received over 1,900 retweets, 14,000 likes and inspired several netizens to facilitate an inclusive space for the differently-abled.

Few other Twitter handles shared similar videos of specially-abled delivery agents who were making rounds amidst the busy traffic to deliver food to customers.

Netizens were quick to pour in praises for her efforts and said, "There are those who fight to change their circumstances and those who accept things as they are ... She's a fighter".

Employment Opportunities For The Specially-Abled

A user commented, saying that while she salutes the lady's hard work, it has opened the space to think about whether, as a "society and government, we fail to cater the needs of specially-abled".

The conversation was taken ahead by another user who argued that providing fair opportunities for the specially-abled continues to be a big challenge in the country. Adding on, they said that if corporates willingly come forth to employ people with disabilities, their hardship becomes a little bearable.

According to a 2021 report by the Indian Express, India has almost three crore people with disability (PwD), among which one crore is employable. However, only 34 Lakh out of them had been employed back then, and most of them were scattered across organised and unorganised sectors. It was found that many among them could be skill-trained and brought into mainstream services with the right policy and strategising.

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