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Here's All You Need To Know About Chattisgarh's 24×7 Emergency Helpline For Elder Citizens

'Siyan', a 24×7 emergency helpline is to be launched by November in Chattisgarh to provide assistance to the elderly citizens. Through this system, elders living alone would not be deprived of any form of care during times of need.

Senior citizens are among those vulnerable groups who often require assistance and lack the resources for the same. Apart from their medical requirements, there are several distressing situations during which they are unable to reach out to immediate sources. Many of the senior citizens' families and friends would have either passed away or lived at far distances, which makes it difficult for them to attend to them as well.

Addressing these difficulties faced by older citizens, the Chhattisgarh government announced a support system provision that will help senior residents during emergency situations.

On the occasion of International Day for Older Persons, the government announced that they are preparing to launch a 24x7 helpline, 'Siyan', by November to provide immediate assistance.

A System That Answers To Senior Citizen's Needs 24×7

This year's International Day for Older Persons was observed under the theme "Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World". In regard to this idea, the Chhattisgarh government decided to ensure a system that would be accessible for the senior citizens of the state while they are building resilience against the changing environment.

'Siyan', translates to 'elderly' people in the regional Chhattisgarhi language, will function as a 24 ×7 helpline system that provides caring support and assistance for the elderly who might be living alone. It is intended as a system that would attend to the residents during emergency situations.

Identifying the need for possible support, the government placed the system as many elderly live in the absence of their children, who are mostly based out of the state. In such a scenario, immediate assistance in any distressing situation will be offered by the government through collaborative efforts with the state police and the social welfare department.

The helpline is all set to be launched by November 1, and Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has instructed the Chief Secretary to initiate the necessary preparatory measures for the proper execution of the helpline.

Provision For Additional Aid

Baghel, while elaborating on the helpline system, said that "It's our moral obligation to take proper care for these elderly people who have lived to raise their children and contribute in their own way to nation building". He said that an effective system had to be introduced as the children continue to migrate to different cities and abroad for their education and other purposes.

By helping senior citizens cope with emergency situations, the government aims to ensure their safety and well-being are taken care of, according to a report by New Indian Express.

Currently, there are 31 old age homes in 23 districts of Chhattisgarh that provide free shelter, food, clothing, medical and family environment. There are also palliative care homes that can attend to the needs of the elderly who are suffering from serious illnesses or are entirely reliant on others for their daily routine. As per the announcement made, the state will soon establish at least one old age home in each of the 33 districts.

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