Denied Admission In Five Hospitals, Bengaluru Man Sets Up COVID Care Centre After Recovering

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Denied Admission In Five Hospitals, Bengaluru Man Sets Up COVID Care Centre After Recovering

Sanjay Garag was denied admission due to lack of beds and had to use his friend's influence to get timely treatment for COVID-19.

A 49-year-old has who was denied admission by five Bengaluru hospitals has set up a COVID-19 care centre after recovering from the infection.

Sanjay Garag tested positive for the novel coronavirus on June 28 and had to face a tough time in getting treatment for the disease.

"After I tested positive for COVID-19, I was denied admission to a hospital due to lack of beds. I had to use my friend's influence to get treatment," Sanjay told Bangalore Mirror.

He reportedly coordinated with the members of Agrawal Samaj, being the president of the community group, to set up a 42-bed care centre for patients infected with the coronavirus. He wanted to ensure that no patient is denied admission for treatment.

"As I am the president of the Samaj, I was in touch with my fellow associates while I was in quarantine, and we decided to convert the Meenakshi Meadows at Jigani Hobli, in an Agra Seva COVID Care Centre. We got in touch with the health department and a private hospital which agreed to provide two doctors and four nurses for the centre," explained Sanjay.

Further describing the centre, he added that it is equipped with all facilities including food, beds, hot water, indoor games, Wi-Fi and medicines for patients.

"We wanted to make it free, so everyone can avail of it. But the officials have advised us to charge minimum from the patients for better working of the institute," said Sanjay.

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