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Celeb Chef Sanjeev Kapoor To Provide Free Meals To Docs On COVID Duty At Ahmedabad Hospital

He has appointed as many as 12 chefs to prepare healthy and nutritious meals, thrice a day, for the doctors at the government-run civil hospital in the city

More than 500 doctors serving at the government-run civil hospital in Gujarat's Ahmedabad will be provided with free meals. Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor said that he will be arranging for healthy and nutritious meals for the frontline workers amid the pandemic.

According to India Today, Kapoor has appointed as many as 12 chefs to prepare three meals a day for the doctors. He has received financial aid from other philanthropists for this initiative.

The hospital administration said that Kapoor sent a proposal for providing free meals to the hospital doctors and the management accepted and thanked him for the kind gesture.

The doctors are serving at the 1,200-bed COVID facility at the civil hospital in the Asarva area of the city.

Kapoor also said that the quality food provided by his team would 'inject new energy' into the doctors and help them lead the battle against the pandemic in the state.

According to the recent developments, Gujarat has been reporting a massive spike in coronavirus cases mainly due to the B.1.617 variant of the virus. About 40 per cent of the new infections and 55 per cent of the fatalities have been reported from this variant.

The doctors are of the opinion that the variant is highly virulent and transmissible and would impact the treatment strategy and vaccination plans being currently undertaken. According to the New Indian Express, obituaries have been flooding the newspapers, belying official COVID death count.

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