Kindness Pays Back: Stranger Repays Donation Given By Man 1.5 Years Ago

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Kindness Pays Back: Stranger Repays Donation Given By Man 1.5 Years Ago

A LinkedIn post has been making the rounds for sharing a heartwarming story of an act of kindness. Singh had offered ₹201 to a stranger in need over a year ago, and was surprised to see him pay it back once he reached a financially secure position in his life.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" - Aesop. On October 11, a LinkedIn user by the name of Kamal Singh shared a post that showed that even the smallest act of kindness comes around to one in all its goodness. The post he shared had a screenshot of a digital transaction, which showed a stranger repaying him the money that he donated to him over a year ago.

Singh had offered a helping hand to the man without expecting anything in return and was surprised to see him remember the help from a year back. The post has now garnered several reactions and comments from other users, who also came ahead to share their stories on social media donations.

An Act Of Kindness That Came Around

Crowdfunding and donation posts are something that we often come across on social media platforms. Some users don't give it a second thought, and the small number of people who would want to offer help would have questions about the authenticity of the donations. In such a space, even the smallest of help aids a person who would genuinely be looking for support. Kamal Singh offered this help with an amount of ₹201 sent across to a stranger who was in need of money.

Singh had come across the stranger's fundraising appeal on a social media site about a year and a half ago and instantly reached out to him with the little help that he could offer. After sending in the money, he told the stranger, "This is a small help from my side. Take care of your mother".

Fast forwarding to a year later, Singh had least expectedly received ₹201 from the stranger that he had helped. Initially, Singh did not realise why he was being sent money by a stranger, and upon opening the conversation with the transactions, he was able to identify the person.

Enquiring about the person's mother, Singh was able to know that the stranger's mother was now in good health and that he was doing well in his business. The stranger also conveyed his gratitude to Singh and said that he is now in a position to be able to return all the money that was offered to him by people.

Singh was taken aback by the honesty of the man and wrote in his post, "In the world of money-minded people, I'm surprised by his honesty".

Praises And Experiences Pour In Under The Post

Since being shared, the LinkedIn post has received over one lakh likes, a thousand comments and more than 600 shares. A lot of users came ahead, sharing their experiences and doubts they had with social media crowdfunding requests.

Some said that Singh's post had urged them to keep aside their doubts and "extend help to people" as much as they could. A user by the name of Shishir Gupta said, "No one has ever become poor by giving. When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed".

A good share of comments that swamped the post spoke of how his act of kindness was ought to come back to him tenfold. Another user, Saibal Basu, commented, "If we help anyone with a good heart…surely good will come back to us in some way or the other".

Many other users had hilarious takes on how they've become friends with people they helped on social media and still haven't received the money they had lent. Some also said that the help offered in the form of donations should be given without expecting anything in return. While it was considered honest behaviour of the man to have returned the money once he was in a position to do so, it also brought in a conversation about helping people simply without any form of expectations.

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