Two Tamil Nadu Teachers Perform Skits To Ward Off Vaccine Hesitancy In Rural Areas

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Two Tamil Nadu Teachers Perform Skits To Ward Off Vaccine Hesitancy In Rural Areas

NK Hemalatha and D Perumal, two government school teachers, have been dressing up as Sura and Lord Yama, characters associated with destruction, to highlight the importance of COVID appropriate behaviour and vaccination.

For the past one-and-a-half year, teachers have been at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. From adapting to the skills of the virtual world to motivating students amid uncertain times, these warriors have played a crucial role.

When a lack of awareness leads to vaccine hesitancy, particularly in rural areas, two teachers from Tamil Nadu are going beyond their call of duty to explain the importance of vaccination and adhering to COVID-appropriate protocols reported The New Indian Express.

NK Hemalatha and D Perumal, two government school teachers in Viluppuram, have been taking in the month-long COVID awareness programme. Dressed as Sura or Surapadma and Lord Yama, these teachers have been braving the hot weather to perform skits highlighting the importance of COVID norms and inoculation.

"We wanted to do something that will catch the attention of the public. As it is a part of the government's programme,we take it seriously and put in more effort especially for villages," Hemalatha told The New Indian Express.

They had also dressed up as the coronavirus and Hanuman for another play, in which the all-powerful Hanuman is confronted with the coronavirus and learns lessons on how to avoid the infection.

Such awareness campaigns are reportedly being organised, across the district, by the education department along with the police department.

Vaccine Hesitancy

Mistrust, rumours, and a lack of communication have been contributing to the hesitancy among the people to get inoculated. With misinformation being rampant, experts think that such instances can prove dangerous in the face of a potential third wave.

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